Library and Resource Centre

Library 5Research has shown that actively seeking further information can help you adjust to living with cancer. We hope that finding clear and correct information will help you feel more in control of your treatment and your life.

Our Centre has an extensive resource lending library that holds a wide range of material relevant to cancer treatment and support issues. The content of the library is broad based ranging from evidence-based books to personal accounts and complementary therapies. We also have an extensive range of information booklets from The Irish Cancer Society which are available in the Centre for clients to take with them.

The library has a special section dedicated to children.

downloadIn addition to the physical library we have computers available to clients to conduct on-line research.

You can access the resources in the library on your own, or the support volunteers can help you make sense of the information and relate it to your personal circumstances.

This expansion of our internet lending library resource was kindly made possible by Boston Scientific Corporation as part of their Charity of the Year Programme (2013-2015)