Physical Activity Programme

Tuam Cancer Care offers a Physical Activity Program for men and women who have or have had a cancer diagnosis. The program has been designed by Chartered Physiotherapists based at “Physiotherapy Solutions”, Tuam.

Why Exercise or Why Join this Programme?

The Physical Activity Programme aims to improve aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility and functional ability in everyday life. In doing so, it helps to improve ones’ body image and restore self-confidence. There is also a healthy social dynamic to the programme.

Research indicates that exercise serves to lower the risk of developing thirteen different types of cancer, improves symptoms and quality of life during and after cancer treatments, enhances survivorship and reduces risk of cancer recurrence.

This programme has been designed by Chartered Physiotherapists and adheres to Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cancer Survivors and current best available evidence. Hence, the programme abides by recommendations for pre-exercise screening, safety concerns and delivery mode. All exercises are adapted to suit each individuals’ strength and aerobic fitness.


What does the Physical Activity Programme involve?1-iscplogo

A one to one session with a chartered physiotherapist to establish your current exercise ability. Based on this, you may be directed to either a “beginners” or “advanced” exercise group. Exercise sessions are designed by the Physiotherapists and delivered by Exercise Facilitators. The Physiotherapists and Exercise Facilitators liaise closely together to ensure that any necessary precautions or advice is enforced. The physiotherapist will re-assess you at some point again to establish your progress.

The Physiotherapist will liaise with your General Practitioner or Consultant  at any stage, if necessary. 

How Can I join?

Individuals can self-refer themselves for the Programme. The Physical Activity Programme is offered free of charge but registration is required as places are limited. For further information on our Physical Activity Programme or to find out when the next Programme will be starting, please contact Margaret at Tuam Cancer Care Centre on 093-28522.