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Whilst the year 2000 was the dawning of a new millennium, it was also the year my mother lost her brave battle to ovarian cancer. The enormity of a cancer diagnosis is never truly appreciated until it visits your own doorstep like it did to our family. Born out of grief and loss comes a desire to pay tribute and remembrance to our loved ones. I found that, by becoming a volunteer with  our local cancer support organisation was the best way of doing this.
In 2002, I decided to sign up as a volunteer with Tuam Cancer Care. As I had no training or experience, I was apprehensive to say the least. I was quickly put at ease by the more experienced staff. My first morning consisted of freshly squeezed fruit juice and cups of tea for  clients that had attended that morning. Over the next few months, I gained great confidence and a sense of place by being in the presence of our wonderful clients. Their positivity and enthusiasm has been inspirational to me. Sixteen years later I am still involved in the organisation, having occupied every role from fruit juicer to chairman. In my current capacity as a fundraiser, we are faced with the continued struggle to raise funds in the locality. Our organisation depends on the generosity of the North Galway area. Thankfully the people and business community have always been extremely generous.
Tuam Cancer Care is a superbly run organisation and the management structure espouses transparency at all times. This is essential for an organisation like ours in an area like ours. All our donors and contributors know that the monies collected are used in Tuam for our  clients in Tuam Cancer Care. 

I am proud to be a volunteer of Tuam Cancer Care 
and I know my Mother would be too.



I find Tuam Cancer Care of tremendous benefit to me, physically, mentally and emotionally

Service User

I find being a Volunteer with TCC very rewarding. It is good to feel that I can support someone who is going through a difficult time

Support Volunteer

“As a young lady, I often felt that I am the only one who is going through chemotherapy at such a young age. Tuam Cancer Care showed me that this is not true, my partner and I are not completely alone on this tough journey. They provided services such as reflexology, reiki and yoga classes to take care of my tormented body and they also provided counselling to help me through my mental struggles. Moreover their brilliant volunteers were always there to give me comfort and a cuppa when I felt down.

Thank you so much, you really helped me to survive.”


Service User

I consider it an absolute privilege to be a Support Volunteer in Tuam Cancer Care and am in awe of the courage and dignity of all the people who avail of our services

Support Volunteer

It is a privilege to work as a Volunteer at Tuam Cancer Care. To endeavour to help people, through what is a stressful and life-changing period, is most rewarding. For me, it is a humbling experience

Support Volunteer

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