Good Practice Guidelines for Fundraisers


Good Practice Guidelines for Fundraisers 

Tuam Cancer Care values the contribution of members of the public who generously give their time and fundraise for the organisation. As an organisation we encourage all fundraisers to notify Tuam Cancer Care in advance of the event, so support and assistance can be provided. 

Please take the time to have a read of our guidelines, before completing the form with as much information on your fundraising plans as possible, and return it to us either via email to or by post to Fundraising, Tuam Cancer Care, Cricket Court, Dunmore Road, Tuam, Co Galway.

When we have received this form, we’ll contact you to talk through your plans. Once we’ve approved your Fundraiser we’ll send you a Fundraising Authorisation Letter

Fundraising Guidelines 

  • Fundraiser management: We are delighted to offer you advice and guidance around planning your event, however the overall  running of your fundraiser including PR, event management and expenses are your responsibility.
  • Fundraiser PR: Please inform us, in advance, of any PR you are planning to do.
  • Logos: If you would like to use our logo, we will send you a high resolution version, just ask!
  • ‘In Aid Of’: Please don’t use our name in the title of your fundraiser e.g. Tuam Cancer Care Fashion Show, as its best to say we are the beneficiary of the proceeds raised. For example Fashion Show in aid of Tuam cancer Care, looks and sounds much better.
  • Proofing materials: A final proof of your promotional materials which have our logo/name on it must be sent to us for final approval.
  • Sponsors: Please let us know of approaches/requests you plan to make to companies for sponsorship or for prizes/draws etc. Just in case we have asked them for something too!
  • CD’s/Calendars/Event Tickets/Sales based fundraisers: if you’re planning to produce and sell CD’s, Books, Calendars etc. or to sell tickets as your fundraiser you are solely responsible for their promotion and selling. We don’t sell such items and they are not permitted to be sold in our drop in centre. We also don’t take any liability for any financial loss that may arise from their production.
  • Branded items: We have a limited number of fundraising branded items we will be happy to send you to help with your fundraising (sponsor cards, posters, t shirts etc) if they are in stock.
  • Meetings: In order to maintain client confidentiality we would appreciate if meetings/event discussion are pre-arranged, by calling 093 28522 or emailing
  • Facebook/Website: We are happy to advertise events on our social media pages once we have approved it.


Financial & Legal guidelines

  • Legal: All your fundraising activities must be in accordance with all applicable laws.
  • Insurance: Tuam Cancer Care insurance does not extend to “in aid of events” – we recommend you seek independent insurance advice.
  • Permits: Some fundraising involving cash, or non cash collections from the general public may require a Garda permit, for which you can apply at your local Garda station. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
  • Door-to-Door fundraising: We would prefer that door to door fundraising is not carried out in aid of Tuam Cancer Care.
  • Cash handling: To ensure you limit risk, at least two people should be involved with counting, handing over or banking of the proceeds raised.
  • Handing over funds raised: It would be great if all funds raised could be given to us within 30 days of your fundraiser taking place.
  • Submitting this form: Please complete the attached application form and submit at least one month in advance of your fundraiser, giving plenty of time for us to help you out!




Fundraising Proposal Form


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100% of your donation goes to Tuam Cancer Care across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 of €4 will go to Tuam Cancer Care. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 01 481 9311

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