CLIMB Children's Programme

CLIMB is a programme for children aged 5-12 who are experiencing the impact of a parents cancer diagnosis.

CLIMB is run over six weeks and the groups run in the evenings so as not to disrupt school attendance. It’s an enjoyable, sharing, interactive experience and a time for the children to come together to deal with their feelings. Throughout the programme the children will develop an understanding of cancer and from this understanding the myths and fears that children can hold about cancer will be dispelled. The programme is creative,, using drama, arts and play. They are also based on having fun together and meeting new friends. CLIMB stands for Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery.

CLIMB aims to help your child:

  • To understand a cancer diagnosis by providing information on cancer
  • To learn how to express his or her feelings and emotions
  • To learn how to cope with these feelings
  • To feel part of a social group by making friendships with othe children sharing a similar experience
  • To cope with the dramatic changes they are witnessing and experiencing in the home

How CLIMB works…
Each weekly session has a specific goal regarding a particular feeling. Activities and play are used to reach these goals which are detailed below.

Week 1
Goal: To Decrease isolation by sharing cancer story with other children.
Feeling: Happy

Week 2
Goal: To Increase the child’s knowledge about cancer and its treatment.
Feeling: Confused

Week 3
Goal: Normalise feelings of cancer.
Feeling: Sad

Week 4
Goal: Assist the child to identify his/her strengths and normalise feelings of anxiety.
Feeling: Scared

Normalise feelings of anxiety and identify his/her strengths that help cope with cancer.
Feeling: Scared

Week 5
Goal: Assist child in expressing and managing anger appropriately.
Feeling: Anger

Week 6
Goal: Facilitate communication with the parent who has cancer.

Support for Parents
Parents are invited to stay for a cup of tea and conversation while the children play. A CLIMB Support Volunteer is on hand to support parents during sessions.

If you would like to register your child for the CLIMB Programme or require further information please contact the centre on 093 28522.