All services are provided free of charge and we are entirely dependent for income on people’s generosity


Tuam Cancer Care is a registered Charity and as such needs to continually raise money to enable the Centre to continue our services to our clients


There are so many novel and varied ideas to encourage involvement and raise funds for Tuam Cancer Care


To see how you can donate to Tuam Cancer Care and support our work in the community please click here.


A visit to Tuam Cancer Care for massage/reflexology and a chat over a glass of juice in a warm and friendly environment is the best medicine anyone could take. !


Service User

It is a privilege to work as a Volunteer at Tuam Cancer Care. To endeavour to help people, through what is a stressful and life-changing period, is most rewarding. For me, it is a humbling experience


Support Volunteer

I consider it an absolute privilege to be a Support Volunteer in Tuam Cancer Care and am in awe of the courage and dignity of all the people who avail of our services


Support Volunteer

I find being a Volunteer with TCC very rewarding. It is good to feel that I can support someone who is going through a difficult time


Support Volunteer

There is a word that can stop us in our tracks or addle our brain and that word is “cancer”.

Staying positive is a battle you may encounter and sometimes our dearest wish, is a simple chat with somebody that understands how you are feeling.

When I arrived at this stage, I took a deep breath and pushed open the front door of Tuam Cancer Care centre. Throughout my life, I had never been a ‘team-player’, but very soon I realised, that I had been fortunate to meet a group of people that understand my state of mind. Gradually, with their kind assistance, I began to do battle with a more positive attitude.


Service User

I find Tuam Cancer Care of tremendous benefit to me, physically, mentally and emotionally


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