Art Therapy

shutterstock_182922629Art has long been recognized as a therapeutic activity.  For a person living with a cancer diagnosis and on their own personal journey with cancer, art therapy can provide a valuable medium to address the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis.  It’s based on the belief that engaging with art is part of the healing process.

Many feelings, difficult or even impossible to express in words, can find their release through picture making, whether of shock, fear, anger, loss or sadness, and equally of hope, gratitude, courage, faith, love and joy.

Some people find that by expressing their feelings and emotions through Art it helps to release any fear, anxiety and anger they experience and improves their well-being. Others may see it as a distraction to the discomfort of cancer.

Art Therapy Courses are run in the centre by Sonya Joyce, a registered Art Therapist.  Art Therapy Courses are run over a six week period.  Booking is essential as places are limited.